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Our Team

The founder of LIVE GOOD, Anita Bušić, is a Mag. of Molecular Biology, PhD student of Nutrition, and an Author of eight innovative sets of High-School Biology textbooks and workbooks. Anita is an inspiring Counsellor of Lifestyle Improvement Methods (meditation, nutrition, stress-relief etc.) with 21 years of experience whose enthusiasm positively affected hundreds of lives – for at least an hour. LOL! She is also an experienced Project Manager that has managed various event types (business, scientific, sport, cultural, humanitarian) including public relations, and creating PR and promotional materials (text & design). Read more…

is working closely with CITUS d.o.o. – a company of highly recognized and experienced experts and innovators in the ICT-programming field, founded by Tomislav Bronzin, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and an experienced Start-Up Mentor. Read more…

Anita Bušić
Tomislav Bronzin