Our Products

Biomedical Sciences

LIVE GOOD's core activities are devoted to the promotion of lifestyle changes that improve longevity. They include developing innovative eHealth and mHealth solutions for easy, early and quick health risk detection in order to:
    • support chronic disease prevention and provide timely healthcare;
    • increase patient awareness of personalised health risks;
    • obtain health and anthropometric data analyses of specific populations etc.

LIVE GOOD's long-term goal is to develop an ICT solution for the overweight, depressed and chronically tired working adults who long to feel better and need to be more energized – EAT GOOD FEEL GOODTM.

EAT GOOD FEEL GOODTM will be a cloud-based software that will provide an easy-to-follow personalized nutrition, exercise and stress management program based on the user’s body type (nutrigenomic archetype) and body shape (hormonal and metabolic type) determined by biometric apps BodyRecogTM and MedPalmTM. BodyRecogTM and MedPalmTM represent the first two development phases of EAT GOOD FEEL GOODTM, respectively.
    • BodyRecogTM is a Human Body Proportions Recognition & Analysis System; or in short A Body Shape Tracking App that will take the user's body measures and analyze the obtained data. Depending on desired data analyses, BodyRecogTM will come in five modules: FITNESS, NUTRITION, BABY, MEMORY LANE and FASHION. Read more…
    • MedPalmTM, short for Medical Palmistry, is an app that will based on the user's fingerprints (dermatoglyphs), palm lines and the finger lengths ratio of the index and ring fingers (the 2D:4D ratio); point out to possible health risks (e.g. hereditary health risks like certain heart problems; or acquired health risks like certain liver problems).


LIVE GOOD is also developing educational apps, based on the C@N Motion education platforms developed by CITUS, for ages 7-77, that:
    • enable easy learning
    • are full of fun games
    • are visually pleasing
    • promote science and technology


Simply Said is a series of book titles that are to be published about various life-improvement tips and methods. They will mainly be eBooks optimized for reading on various devices, but a hard copy option will also be available based on print-on-demand. The first title to be published is: The Way to Happiness – The Art of Happiness Based on Scientific Facts.